Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

I think I have had a major improvement socially and technologically.  On the first day of school, I didn't even know a Mac existed, or even how to close out of a browser.  I'm almost getting better with Macs than I am with PCs.  Socially I have improved in a major way in my opinion.

I am proud of my improvement and my two scenes.  And to think I was about to drop out of this school in the beginning of the year! The two scenes were probably my best projects for being so short.  In my opinion the others are completely horrible!

The most challenging project so far was probably the Thematic Causes.  I had so many problems trying to reach the time constraints.  I ended up just adding a few no movement slides and talk about it to waste time.  I had major problems in the beginning of the year, mainly making friends.  If you haven't noticed, I'm not exactly the most outgoing person here.  I figured new school, new me.  I used to be that outgoing, loud mouth kind of person, but would you of noticed if I ever wrote this? Would you of thought of it? Would you of ever asked? Ask yourself.

My hope for the next semester is to drastically improve my projects.  Maybe also improve my public speaking.  My goal is to become more of a "everyone's friend." A little less silent maybe.

My favorite moment for the year is when we had the "How many gifted kids does it take to turn down the temperature." Ms. Bailin asks Riley to turn down the temperature.  She thought she would rip it off the wall.  So three more kids have to go and attempt to help her open the thermostat.  They all just can't get it open!  So, Ms. Bailin gets up and does it herself.


  1. I think that you have changed very much since I first met you. You have definitely made a improvement socially throughout the 1st semester. I first met you in P.E. and thought he looks like a nice guy, so I talked to you and we kind of got to know each other a little bit. Then when Miss Bailin changed around some of our DLC and Writing schedules a little bit, I got to know you more and more. Now we are pretty good friends.

    I think you did a great job on your two scenes as well. I could see the quote in my head, and I saw what you did, and it fit very well. But I don't really think that all of your other projects are horrible.

    The Thematic Causes was a pretty difficult assignment, I agree. I think you have improved by making more friends. If you gave me a hint, I MAY have guessed that you used to be pretty outgoing and loud.

    I think it is good that you thought of improving your public speaking skills. I think you do already have a lot of friends.

    That moment "How many gifted kids does it take to turn down the temperature?" sounds really funny. I wish I would have been there.

    A question I wanted to ask you is why did you think "new school, new me?" Why did you want to be more quiet and not as outgoing?

  2. I had known that a Mac was real, but I didn't know what it was, or how to use one. I also like my scenes, and I thought that you did really well on those DNPs. Your other projects weren't terrible, I thought they were good as well. I really enjoyed that moment, and i was cracking up so much that I couldn't get any work done. The Thematic Causes project was one of the toughest projects and I thought that even though you thought it was really hard, I thought yours came out to be a really good one. What was the project that was the most fun to work on, not the one with the best outcome?

  3. First of all, she shouldn't have asked ME to change the temperature. I mean, am I supposed to know how to open a panel? I didn't think so :)! And no, I wouldn't have ever assumed you were a loud mouth! Personaly I like your quiet you. Not super quiet, but enough to get work done and goof off! Your RBoC scenes were awesome! You other projects weren't bad in comparison, but the scenes did outshine the others. If you stay on the path you are on, becoming an 'everyone's friend' will come easy. So, how well do you think YOU would have done against that thermostat, Bryan?!

  4. @Matt
    I think I was more comfortable at my old school. It was a private school so I was with the same 35 kids for 8 years. This year was a tremendous change from 35 great friends to 600 people I've never known. Maybe by the end of the year I might get back to that same position but...

    At the end of the first two weeks I was seriously considering dropping out of the DLC, but when I first thought of that was the first time someone said, Hi.

    I might of been in an akward mood when I wrote this the first time because I'm not sure they were "completely" bad. Yet, they weren't great and sticking out in any way.

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  6. @Connor
    The most fun project to work on was writing the debate. It was still when I was relatively dead silent. It kind of got me more socially involoved and rather interesting working with Alec and Ciara together. We just kept talking about, "Children sleeping in the freezer." It was my funnest and loved the outcome too, but I wish I wasn't sick during the debate.

  7. @Riley
    How well would I have done, you ask? I would of been able to open it and turn the temperature down. I have almost the exact same one at home and change the temperature all the time.