Wednesday, February 23, 2011


a) The main difference between Mohamed Bouazizi and “The Burning Monk” is Mohamed did it out of frustration and the monk did it as a sacrifice.  The monk grabbed the most attention from Vietnam and all the other countries, no matter how close they are to them.  Bouazizi mainly just captured the Tunisians’ attention, but with few other countries interested.  Mohamed would of caught my eye more though because he was in the median preparing for death, while the monk sat himself down on the side.  Bouazizi might have caused more pain to his people even though they ended up over turning their government.  The police threw tier gas to cease the crowd; they brought out snipers to scare the crowd and slim them down.  The monk’s was a peaceful perspective of death.  He sat there in his lotus position.  At the end people bowed to him as in worship.   Although, Mohamed caught the attention of the politicians, who visited him at the hospital.
b) The spectators said he himself and in the clouds showed Buddha himself looking at the crowd.  The police ended up ignoring the Buddhist monk, they just walked around him in circles at the astonishing sight.
c) “Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music,” Angela Monet.  The monk really did “dance,” did he not?  Who would not "hear the music," possibly the police? The politicians?   “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow,” Albert Einstein.
d) The monk had someone else assist him putting gasoline on himself and lighting him.  What would you do if that was your friend?  How would lighting your friend on fire feel to you?  He says it was for the greater cause, but do you think otherwise?  You both are true followers of Buddha, is he more important?  Will you say yes if you were his friend?  What if your friend was now your brother?  Would that change your mind?  Would you light yourself on fire if given the option by your savior/god/lord?  Is losing a scale for the second time enough to aggravate you to the point of suicide?

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