Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The White Man's Burden and Imperialism

  1. The Western culture has had an obligation to help other countries/people in need, whether they wanted it or not.  Kipling was trying to justify his this conquest by showing our habit of helping the less fortunate.
  2. I don't think Kipling justifies imperialism because the poem sounds like he is showing a type of charity towards other countries.  He seemed to try to show how the USA is really, truthfully, and technically on everyone's "side."  In stanza 3, line 2-4, he expresses that if you are going to try to stand up for something, hide all thoughts and symbols of true fear of their military and political figures.  It also tries to symbol that pride isn't established from how many countries you can take over and rule, it is established by how your people act and how you create your country and show it around, along with how you lead it and respect the other countries.
  3. It could be appealing to the kings, queens, and dictators of that time because after you have ruled, if not a true ruler, everything will go to your head and you might think you control everyone in the world and must have every place in the world.  Also, if you were a real leader, you could be wanting land to improve your nation or so you thought, until the option of the power came to you.  This has, in my mind, drove some people to assume the position of "crazy," at this I think Hitler was down right insane or the power made him that way.

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